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Privacy Policy

In order to fulfil requirements of the subscription, and provide service to you, ICC Solutions will process your personal information.  


The following outlines this process when you sign up for a subscription to a product or service:


What we process:

The information you provide to us for the use of our Test Tools, Test Cards, Services or Annual Maintenance contracts such as your name, your email address, phone number and company address.


Why we need it:

To be able to provide you with updates or new releases to the product or service, for billing purposes, to assist you should there be problems with the product or service, to notify you of a subscription renewal, to advise you of fixes and to send you marketing material should you agree to receive them.


What we do with your information:

We only use your information as stated in “Why we need it” above, nothing else. ICC Solutions does not share your information with, or sell your information to, any other organization for any purpose for which you have not been informed by us and have given us your consent.


Where we keep your information:

Your information will be kept securely on servers in the United Kingdom.


How long we keep your information:

We keep your information for as long as the subscription need and for as long as required by UK Law.

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