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IntelliQA and ICC Solutions:
A Partnership for Innovation and Growth

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IntelliQA and ICC Solutions have formed a strategic partnership, bringing together their expertise and experience to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients in the payment industry.


IntelliQA is an innovative point-of-sale payment test automation leader, combining advanced test automation, robotics, and specialised payment test components to create effective solutions. Our company addresses the full point-of-sale from the register, pin pad and peripherals. The IntelliQA approach enables faster and more reliable testing while reducing overall testing costs. Our advanced capabilities allow us to reduce retail test execution cycles from weeks to hours. We address the traditional point-of-sale and fuel retail market.


ICC Solutions is a specialist provider of payment testing solutions with over 25 years of experience and trust built up within the payments industry. The company's products and services are designed to help clients ensure that their payment systems comply with the latest industry standards and regulations. ICC Solutions' product portfolio not only covers EMV, contactless, and mobile testing but also includes a comprehensive set of post-certification test cards and in-house testing services.


By combining our respective expertise, IntelliQA and ICC Solutions are well-positioned to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions to clients in the payments industry. The partnership will enable both companies to expand their offerings and provide increased value to clients.

We are working together to ensure that the excellent technology of ICC Solutions with the enterprise-grade test automation from IntelliQA that includes can be used in a broader context with full automation that includes the complete point-of-sale system.

The benefits of the partnerships are the ability to provide complete end-to-end testing solutions. The comprehensive testing approach will enable clients to identify and address any issues in their payment systems and achieve compliance. 

Paul Kaye, CEO of IntelliQA, remarks that “ICC Solutions have excellent technology and are a pleasure to work with. It is great to work with another UK-based company at the forefront of technology. We are very excited about the potential of this partnership.”

According to ICC Solutions' CTO, Paula Turner, "Combining the skills of both companies will provide greater flexibility for our clients with their automated testing.  We are delighted to be working with IntelliQA on this project and look forward to assisting our customers around the world."


To conclude, the partnership between IntelliQA and ICC Solutions is exciting for both companies and their clients. Combining our expertise and knowledge enables us to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions to clients in the payment industry. 

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