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Developer Tool

Powerful test script customisation and development environment that’ll enable you to create your own unique solutions tailored towards specific scenarios that are relevant to you and your business.  


ICCSimDev is a developer utility tool which is used to customise or create new test scripts for any payment card brand. These test scripts are then loaded onto ICCSim cards using ICCSimDEV to perform the user defined tests on both contact and contactless EMV chip terminals.

Test script templates for manipulation may be created by cloning test cards using ICCSimDEV.

It is possible to use ICCSimDEV to modify tag data used in static data authentication, such as the PAN number, and then recreate the certificate. This is made possible by replacing the usual brand keys with your own generated test keys, noting the corresponding new CA key must also be loaded into the EMV chip terminal.

Reliable Testing. Conclusive Results.

Reliable Testing.
Conclusive Results.

About ICC Solutions

ICC Solutions Limited has been at the forefront of the secure payments testing services and certification space for over 20 years.

We offer an extensive product portfolio comprising qualified test suites for contact and contactless terminal testing covering EMV Level 2 and Level 3, a broad range of test cards plus testing and certification services.

Our tools are qualified for all the major payment brands including Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover and span the full testing path from initial testing to certification, quality assurance and regression testing.

Our dedicated team is passionate about our products and services which, combined with exporting to over 60 countries, ensures that we can fully assist our customers no matter their location or industry sector.

Reliable Testing. Conclusive Results. 

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