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Every minute of every day we strive to be the best and attribute this to our fantastic teams, partners and expert knowledge.

25 years in the payment industry has taught us a lot.  This is what we've learnt along the way:



How invaluable a little help can be! 

Our Helpdesk are simply next level. 


This may sound like a big statement, but our customers certainly agree.

The team are always on hand to offer support and knowledge, which is appreciated throughout the industry time and time again. 


The testing process doesn't need to be overly complicated.

Our test suites are used in over 100 countries by our wonderful customers. 


Constantly praised for their ease of use, they can even be used successfully by someone with little EMV testing knowledge. 



You can never have too many options!

When you need to complete your EMV testing, you need a company that has all the tools that you need. 


Our EMV test tools are constantly evolving, and with over 40 different options available, you can be confident that we have what you need.


Your certification in safe hands!

Using innovative, comprehensive testing environments, coupled with highly skilled and flexible Testing and QA teams, you can relax knowing that you are in the hands of the experts for your EMV certification.

Colleagues Working Together


The background work needs a mention.

Our Development, Acquirer and Testing Teams work tirelessly in the background ensuring that our test tools are of the highest quality and qualified with the Payment Brands.


Our partners are our support network

We have the most fantastic network of resellers, partners and distributors around the globe who we have strong relationships with and are as passionate about ICC products as us!



Getting our products to you, on time, seamlessly.

Answering your delivery and invoice queries, organising deliveries, updating documents... the list is endless.


Our admin team have mastered the art of making it look seamless!


Everyone loves to speak to someone friendly and knowledgeable!

Customers are the backbone of any business, and one thing they will come back for is great customer service.


From initial enquiry to final sale, our sales team pride themselves in being the friendliest around. 

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How fun it can be to talk face-to-face!

There's no better way of getting to know someone than by meeting them in person.


We've been fortunate to attend many exhibitions and conferences over the years.


We can't wait to get back out there!


It would all be for nothing without the support of our customers!

For 25 years customers have been buying our tools, using our services, and sharing their experiences with other clients around the world. 

From all the staff at ICC, we would like to say a massive THANK YOU for your continued support.


We're looking forward to the next 25 years working with you!