An industry-leading closed-loop environment providing merchants and ISVs with an EMV testing solution that sets the standard for ease and efficiency and represents the cutting edge of EMV testing.


EMV chip terminal integration and certification testing

Unique closed loop test environment

Enables extremely efficient test campaigns

Places Merchant/ISV in control


Vantiv In a Box Leveraging EMV (VIABLE) test kits, approved by American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa, enable merchants and ISVs to perform EMV chip terminal integration and certification testing in a unique closed-loop environment that allows control and flexibility in their EMV testing process.

VIABLE test kits, built on the ICC Solutions platform, are easy to use and ideal for testing any type of merchant or ISV EMV contact and contactless chip terminal configuration. Automated import/export, analysis tools and user-friendly features enable efficient and effective testing. Transaction logs are captured easily without the need for complex hardware. In addition, the host simulator software provides acquirer authorization request and response simulation, eliminating the need to connect online with the Vantiv test host.


VIABLE test kits include a Quick Start Guide and login details that allow access to a secure client area. From there, merchants and ISVs will be able to download the VIABLE software and configuration files. This site also provides access to the VIABLE helpdesk. Access to the software is granted via a USB license key. Once installed and accessed, the test cards and card reader work with the software to manage and execute a customized test plan.


Download the Vantiv VIABLE information sheet


Introducing a new innovation in the EMV testing process - Brother DS 620 Mobile Receipt Scanner.


Easily scans receipts for submission with your test results!


Download the Mobile Receipt Scanner information sheet


ICC Solutions has been awarded a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, its fourth overall Queen’s Award. The Innovation Award recognises that ICC Solutions has achieved outstanding commercial success as a result of innovation over two years. Utilising an industry-leading closed-loop environment, the VIABLE solution, created by ICC Solutions for the US market, provides merchants with a cutting-edge environment for Chip & PIN testing, setting the standard for ease and efficiency.


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