Merchant Training Cards

Enabling merchants to perform quick confidence tests on chip card payment devices deployed in their stores and supporting staff  in familiarising themselves with the payment process by allowing them to run a variety of typical chip card transactions through their terminals.


ICC Solutions is a leader in the supply of training cards for merchants and retailers.


Our merchant / retailer training cards are designed to simulate real life transactions for both contact and contactless payment scenarios.

All of our training cards can aid staff training as well as confidence testing on terminals/ POS, ensuring correct configuration.

The training cards are configured to allow testing of various scenarios including blocked PIN and invalid PIN. All cards have the mag-stripe encoded enabling fall-back test scenarios to be checked in a Chip and PIN terminal.

The cards can be purchased in packs or individually and are available for the most popular payment brands in the UK, US and Canadian markets and include Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners and INTERAC.

Contact credit and debit cards are available along with Contactless. 

Download the Merchant Training Cards information sheet