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Mayor explores global business markets

Posted by ICC on 1


The Mayor has been helping build business links between Warrington and the world at a meeting with the government’s trade, investment and export body.


Cllr Faisal Rashid welcomed the Department for International Trade (DIT) to Warrington to discuss with officials how he can help promote the export of goods through his business initiative, the Circle.


The ‘Exporting is Great’ Hub stopped off at Victoria Park for the Warrington visit, as part of a tour which has been travelling around the country to offer advice and practical guidance to businesses on how they can find customers overseas for their products and services.


Joining the Mayor for the Warrington welcome was global payment card industry firm and member of the Circle, ICC Solutions, which has its head office in Warrington.


ICC Solutions used the occasion to introduce a new Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) initiative called “Exporting Excellence”, which aims to encourage young people to embrace the international trade, developing the next generation of British exporters. Their scheme will be piloted in the North of England, before being rolled out nationally.


Cllr Rashid said: “After Brexit, it’s vital that we continue working hard to boost exports and look for new opportunities to drive forward business.


“I was delighted to partner with ICC Solutions to welcome DIT to Warrington. We held some interesting discussions about how our businesses can grow by identifying new business markets overseas, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to promote exports.


“It was also great to hear that ICC Solutions - a company based in Warrington – is launching a new initiative for young entrepreneurs, which is set to have an impact nationally. It’s fantastic for our business profile.”


Dave Maisey, Managing Director at ICC Solutions, said: “We have a firm objective of helping to further enhance British exporting, especially doing what we can to raise the profile here in Warrington. We embrace the proactive position demonstrated by Cllr Rashid to drive forward new opportunities for international trade, and we’re proud to be member of the Circle.


“The launch of the DofE “Exporting Excellence” initiative has been very positively received and already demonstrates a strong desire among young people to learn more about exporting, ensuring international trade in Britain continues to grow. Through these partnerships, we will clearly show that Britain is open for successful global business.”

Barbara Singleton, Department for International Trade NW, India Champion, said: “Exporting businesses are more flexible, more agile and more resilient and exporting helps companies of all sizes to grow, and taking those initial steps to find out more can prove invaluable.


“The Exporting Hub events are an ideal opportunity for companies to learn about the opportunities and the support available and to understand more about how markets like India are becoming increasingly business friendly destinations, providing insights into the country’s growing demand for British goods.”