Device Testing

Cost-effective way to facilitate extremely efficient test campaigns saving time on certifications, eliminating interoperability issues and increasing productivity through test efficiency.


The ICCSimTMat portfolio of test suites are an extremely effective way of saving you time and money when performing test campaigns and certifications.


Our test suites facilitate device testing for Level 2 and Level 3 contact and contactless EMV terminals and are used worldwide by payment networks, Terminal and Card Vendors, Test Laboratories, Acquirer/ processors and retailers/ merchants.

ICCSimTMat is a standalone contact and contactless card-based PC testing suite that provides a completely self-contained environment for testing and validating EMV terminal devices against card brand accreditations (American Express, Discover, Interac, JCB, Mastercard and Visa).

ICCSimTMat features a powerful user friendly interface that enables efficient test campaigns and it is also designed to be totally self-contained with no other components required. There is no complex hardware or huge pack of cards. The software provides extensive automation and analysis features and allows you to create your own cards for regression/ QA testing.

Automated import / export, analysis tools and user-friendly features enable efficient and effective testing with transaction logs easily captured, without the need for complex hardware.


Download the Device Testing information sheet