Application Testing for Cards

Time-saving method for verifying the compliance of payment-acceptance infrastructure against card brand specifications, removing technical based issues and improving the payments experience for customers.


The ICCSimCTC portfolio offers fully certified test suites enabling application level and function testing of chip cards. 


The ICCSimCTC suite is a simple yet flexible environment for validating and improving the performance and interoperability of point-of-sale systems.

ICCSimCTC features a powerful user friendly interface and runtime environment that enables extremely efficient test campaigns and it is also designed to be totally self-contained with no other components required, offering exceptional value-for-money. The card testing suites are simple to use, facilitate rapid updates to tests and provide detailed and comprehensive test logs that are automatically verified against the responding test plan as the test campaign is in progress.

ICCSimCTC is a fully qualified, approved testing suite that enables merchants and acquirers to independently validate the performance and interoperability of their payment systems. All Visa test scripts from ICC Solutions are used by the Visa accredited laboratories for card type approvals.

Download the Card Testing information sheet